Bill Sherman Research Foundation

Information about The $100 Solution and the Bill Sherman Research Foundation:

The $100 Solution is a 501(c)(3) service-learning organization that seeks to change the way we serve. Our mission is to “enrich lives and learning through service” by meeting community determined needs using $100. Through the program, students are shown that even with a small amount of money, they have the ability to establish a lasting, sustainable, impact through service. Since its founding in 2007, The $100 Solution has sponsored over 300 projects in 15 countries. In 2017, the Bill Sherman Research Foundation was created to examine the difference The $100 Solution is making on the lives of students and communities.

The Opportunity:

The Bill Sherman Research Foundation is seeking proposals for research that examines the outcomes of implementing The $100 Solution as a method for teaching service-learning. Proposals may be submitted exploring the impact The $100 Solution has on students or on the community. Proposals from faculty and students will be considered.

Grant Criteria:

Proposals should include:

  • An abstract (500 words max), review of literature, purpose of the study, methodology, and projected dissemination of results.
  • A CV, resume, or biosketch
  • A brief, itemized budget
  • Have you applied for, or are receiving, funding from any other agency for this project?

Proposals should be 10 pages or less, singled spaced, including the abstract and tables but not including the reference. The proposal should provide enough information for the reviewers to assess the nature and feasibility of the study as well as respond to the evaluative criteria documented in the attached rubric.


Accepted proposals may be funded up to $500. The awardees will submit a final report to The $100 Solution at the completion of the study. In all publications and presentations of the research findings, The $100 Solution will be acknowledged. The recommended acknowledgement is: “This study was funded by a grant from The $100 Solution Bill Sherman Research Foundation. Any opinions, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this material are that of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of The $100 Solution.”

Please fill out the form below and The $100 Solution and The Bill Sherman Foundation will get back to you shortly: