The $100 Solution is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working towards making a sustainable impact around the world. It provides students with the knowledge, skills and funds of exactly 100 USD to go into communities and make a sustainable difference by asking a simple question:

“What can we do to improve your quality of life?”

Highlighting the impact that a small group of dedicated citizens can have with only a small amount of money.

In addition, we ensure that each $100 Solution project upholds the five pillars which we view to be fundamental to this organization and it’s principle:

  1. Partnership – a mutually beneficial relationship, which includes students and community members working together to accomplish mutual goals. Partnerships link students directly to the community and form long-term relationships that encourage all members to work together in assessing needs, implementing solutions, and evaluating efforts.
  2. Reciprocity – the practice of exchanging things [goods, services, knowledge, or ideas] with others for mutual benefit. Reciprocity ensures the community need is served while both students and community members teach, learn, and benefit from service-learning projects.
  3. Sustainability – the result of creating solutions with the capacity to endure. Projects focus on long-term solutions that consider future needs and resources and carry lasting impacts.
  4. Capacity Building – the act of helping community members strengthen their own knowledge, abilities, and resources towards self-sufficiency; helping others to help themselves.
  5. Reflection – the practice of documenting the learning process through free yet directed thought. Continued verbal and written reflection is used as a tool for awareness, analysis, and interpretation to transform experiences into meaningful learning.