THDS Fellowship Program

Information about The $100 Solution Fellowship Program


The Fellowship Program is designed to locate and raise up the next generation of executive leaders at THDS. Students selected to participate in the program are assigned critical projects within the organization to challenge them, to help them learn new skills, and to prepare them to take on additional leadership responsibilities within THDS in the future.

Program Design:

The THDS Fellowship Program lasts for one year and consists of two, six-month terms. Upon entering the program, students can choose one of two fellowship tracks: a dedicated track or a rotational track. A student in a dedicated track will spend both six-month terms in a single area of the organization to gain an in-depth understanding of that unit. Conversely, a student in a rotational track will have experiences in two different areas of the organization in an effort to better understand how the organization functions as a whole.

Fellows are assigned projects based on the critical objectives of our organization, the talents and ideas students expressed in their applications, and the particular strengths of each individual. Students wishing to continue after their initial year can apply to become a Senior Fellow, after which they are eligible to become Executive Board members.

As part of the program, each fellow will be assigned a mentor who will serve as a professional and life coach, offering regular guidance. Fellows are asked to identify 2-3 specific career goals they have at the beginning of their assignment. Mentors then guide Fellows through the experiences and lessons they feel will make Fellows most successful in reaching those goals. Fellows are carefully assigned Mentors based on personal and professional similarities.

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